Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Acrylic Art - Reloaded!

Our Acrylic Art collection has always proved a popular choice for zany, wacky jewellery lovers and now we're pleased to say it's got even more WILD!  We've constructed some jaw-dropping pieces, designed to get the wearer noticed.

So, what's in this extreme range of jewellery, we hear you ask.  Well, come hither our crazy acrylic fans for we have something insane to show you...

What say you to a primary-coloured, acrylic, bicycle plate necklace, in the form of this I Want to Ride My Bicycle piece (£13)?

Or, perhaps a skull-based acrylic necklace?  Take a look at our Skullz plate (£16).  We heard ya - WOW!

We're feeling a lot of love for this Aztec Triangles Necklace (£12).  The colours are gorgeous and Aztec is HUGE this season!


We're also smitten with this Pineapple Necklace (£12) and its ability to brighten up (read: seek attention) the most boring of outfits - a proper statement piece.

And, on the subject of attention-seeking, what do you make of this edgy, in-ya-face, hardcore, all-round CRAZY handcuffs necklace?  Yes, our You're Nicked Handcuffs Necklace (£15) wasn't made for the shrinking violets among us!  A step too far?

Chelsea Doll

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