Monday, 21 March 2011

A Vintage Affair

The name of our new collection - A Vintage Affair, sums up perfectly our love of treats and trinkets from past decades.  We've trawled vintage stores and auctions and raided our Grannies' jewellery boxes to bring you the most beautiful, one-off pieces of vintage jewellery and accessories.  Our pieces range from the 1920s right up until, the new vintage, 1980s and they're perfect to add charm and interest to both modern-day and vintage-inspired outfits.  When sourcing the items for this collection we found ourselves wondering how to explain the attraction of vintage.  Why do we, and millions of fashion-followers, love it so dearly?

We think one of the reasons is that every vintage item tells some sort of story, it has a history, a past, which, more than likely, we know very little about.  You can conjure up a story within your imagination as to whom the item belonged and the places that it's visited.  Every piece is unique, so has a unique tale to tell.

Another plus for vintage clothing and accessories is that the quality always seems so much better.  Things seem more substantial from the past and not as flimsy as items we buy today.  You can almost feel the effort and work that has been put into a piece.

Vintage-inspired clothing is currently having a huge moment in fashion.  This season the seventies revival dominates most high-street and online stores but we think there's nothing more special than wearing an authentic, original piece from the decade, instead of buying a piece re-designed and made in the teenies.

We came to the conclusion, though, that perhaps the most likely reason for our passion for vintage is that whenever we look back on life in our earlier years and look at photographs of earlier decades, everything seems much happier.  Those days might be a heck of a less sophisticated but they always seem more content (whether this be the case or not).  It fills us with nostalgia, and makes us think that with our very small piece of the past we can re-create the happy times of yesterday.

So there you have it, A Vintage Affair.  The collection will be live on the website on Tuesday, 29 March.   

Chelsea Doll

PS. We'll try and get a few sneak peeks of the new collection within the next few days!

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