Friday, 14 January 2011

Happy Friday!

Just a quick post to wish our readers, followers and customers a Happy Friday.  Friday is our favourite day of the week (naturally), and an end to a week in January is definitely something to celebrate.

What we’ll be doing this weekend
1) Eating lots of Cadbury Koko chocolates. We’ve developed a bit of a choc-crush on these darlings, since eating them in large quantities over the festive period.

2) Exercising on the Wii. An excellent way to get fit and have fun with friends at the same time (oh and burn off all the Koko chocolates we've just eaten). Just try not to laugh when we do the hula-hoop exercise.

3) Reading. Part of our New Year resolution was to read more, and this weekend we intend to do just that.  The only question is which book to immerse ourselves in!

4) Drinking cocktails with friends. Our fave, at the moment, has to be Purple Rain, a glorious concoction of grenadine, sweet and sour mix, vodka and blue curacao.

And, most importantly, we’ll be wearing this gorgeous Peacock Print Cabochon Necklace

What will you be up to?  And what will you be wearing to do it?  Have a fun weekend!
Chelsea Doll
Photos: Cadbury, Wii, iDrink.