Sunday, 27 November 2011

Last Christmas Posting Date

To ensure delivery of your order before Christmas, make sure you've placed it on or before Monday 19 December for UK orders.  For international orders, the following applies:

Monday 5 December for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia and New Zealand orders.

Friday 9 December for Eastern Europe, USA and Canada orders.

Monday 12 December for Western Europe orders.

Orders placed after these dates may not reach you in time for the big day (and we'd hate for you to be disappointed)! 

Chelsea Doll

Friday, 21 October 2011

Barry M Comes to Chelsea Doll!

We love painting our nails - we love the way, having nicely (mostly BRIGHT) painted nails can transform your mood and give you confidence in your look, and we can't get enough of experimenting with different colours, shades and textures.  We also love Barry M's statement-making cosmetic range.  Known as the most colourful name in cosmetics and the UK's number 1 fashion cosmetic company, Barry M offers the customer a low to mid-price brand of quality, affordable and extremely fashionable fun cosmetics and, created in London, they're at the centre of breaking trends.  We knew immediately that we *had* to get our hands on their range!

A collection of their products is now live with more being added throughout the next few months.  Current delights include:

Barry M Silvery Black Dazzle Dust
Barry M Black Magic Instant Nail Effects Crackle Nail Paint
Barry M Coral Lip Gloss Wand
Barry M Gold Instant Nail Effects Foil Nail Paint
Barry M Berry Ice-Cream Nail Paint

Chelsea Doll

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Give the Gift!

Well, hello there!  We've neglected this blog a teeny bit of late, but we can assure you that it's been for a very good reason.  Yep, we've been mega busy working on our new pieces and, most importantly of all, some new collections - including the most amazing gift range!

We don't like to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner, but unfortunately (or fortunately, if you can get past the panic buying of those special gifts for family and friends, and just enjoy yourself - easier said than done, huh?) it really has crept up on us. Eeek!  We like to think that we've done our bit to ease the burden this year, as not only do we have some super-quirky jewellery and accessories, which make exceptionally wonderful gifts, but we've now gone and launched a whole new gift range, which includes amazing goodies like cupcake lip glosses, ice-cream pens and cocktail flavoured body lotion!  Items in the range start from £2.50 (with free delivery), so are very affordable - so affordable, in fact, that you may want to treat yourself to some of these beauties!

Our favourite items include these gorgeous Russian Doll Pencil Cases/Cosmetic Bags, £7.  Available in pink, blue or red, they're such a fantastic way to brighten up your desk or keep your make-up collection together.

We 'love' this LOVE Toast Stamp, £4, which makes the perfect gift for your loved one.  Or you could just keep the stamp yourself and give them toast with a special meaning!

How cute is this Yellow Owl Vanilla Lip Balm?  Priced at just £4.50, it's such a cool accessory to carry in your bag.  It tastes rather delicious too (try not to eat it though)!

Also launched today is a range of Barry M make-up.  Check our blog tomorrow, where we'll give you the low-down on this gorgeous beauty range!

Chelsea Doll

Monday, 26 September 2011

Heritage Girl - A/W 2011

Our penchant for the quirky has been given a paring down for our latest collection - Heritage Girl.  A huge look for this season, the only pieces included in this range are the vintage-inspired, traditional and ladylike.  Beautiful jewellery and accessories which work to complement autumnal shades and fabrics (tweed jackets and quilted coats, anyone?), all with a nod to the 1940s (swoon).  Think pretty earrings, berry colours, structured handbags, brooches and floral patterns, lots of floral patterns.  If that introduction hasn't whet your appetite enough, then read on for our top picks of the collection.  

The Vintage Fan Surround Ring, £12, is elegance defined.  Available in burnt orange, purple and emerald green - all on-trend colours this season, it's our vintage-inspired ring of the moment.  So much so, in fact, we've got one in every colour.  Beautiful.

We fell in love with The Betty Handbag, £22, as soon as we clapped eyes on it.  Such a graceful design, in camel faux crocodile skin, and wonderfully structured - ladylike handbags are the perfect accessory this season.


We chose these Floral Print Cabochon Earrings, £10, as they make an excellent antidote to the rubbish weather we'll almost certainly be exposed to this season.  Bright and bold, they can banish winter blues in an instant.  Oh, and they're fairly big too - hello, statement maker!

Another colourful piece is this Lime Green & Crystal Bird Brooch, £14.  A gorgeous addition to a cape or scarf - the combination of the green and crystals is truly dazzling, we're in love.

Chelsea Doll

Monday, 19 September 2011

Meet Natasha!

We've got a new face, here at Chelsea Doll HQ this week - Natasha joins us on work experience.  So far (we're writing this at 2pm on the first day) we've opened lots of new stock, modelled various pieces, had fun tweeting and devoured a box of Thai chocolates!  Oh and there's a trip to Starbucks on the cards - well, we have to ease her in gently!  We thought, in order to find out what she's all about, we'd set her a few *challenging* questions to answer.  Read on for an insight into how the newbie rolls!

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

funny, stupid.. BLONDE!

What are you most excited about at the moment?

Chelsea Doll of course!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spending time with my amazing friends and family!

What’s your favourite shop?

HMV and Jane Norman at the moment i think!

What magazines do you enjoy reading?


What’s your favourite app on your iPhone?

Angry Birds! addicted to it haha

Who is your inspiration or hero in life?

superman all the way! haha

What’s best, Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter i think

What would you like people to know about you that they don’t?

i am normal.. ok that's a lie. I'm pretty crazy if you get to know me well!

You’re a music lover. Which artist/s are you really into at the moment?

Michael Bublé is on the top of my list right now! I'm also loving ed sheeran, bruno mars, matt cardle, darren criss, adele, duffy, katy perry... i could go on forever! so much great music x

Who’s caught your eye on X-Factor so far this year?

I'm loving Janet Devlin and John Adams! I have a few other favourites but struggling to think of their names!

What’s your favourite pizza?

I'm quite a plain person, its either just cheese and tomato or if i want a change, chicken is always good!

Name three things you would take to a desert island?

food, drink and a friend:)

You’re a West-end show fanatic! What’s your all-time favourite show?

how can you ask such a question?! there are so so so many amazing shows out there! i can't possibly choose! but quite recently i went to see Ghost the Musical and it was amazing, so emotional. Definite must-see!

In your opinion, what are the best things in life?

Happiness, health and friendship!

What would you like to see yourself doing in five years time?

i'd like to have had a good education and ready to find a place to live and be successful!

If you had a million pounds, what would you do with it?

honestly? i'd probably spend it within a week.. or save it to put towards the $5 million mansion ive got my eye on in LA

And lastly, what’s your favourite item on Chelsea Doll at the moment?

it has to be the Lucky Swallow Necklace!x

Want to know more?  You can follow Natasha on Twitter!
Chelsea Doll

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Vamp! - A/W 2011

Well, hello there!  It's getting colder now, as we head into the depths of September and its Autumnal weather.  Indeed, Summer seems like a distant memory!  But, it's not all bad.  In fact we love Autumn, and nothing reminds us of the reason why more than London Fashion Week (which starts tomorrow, BTW!).  Fashion, fashion, fashion - September is full of it!  And just to join in, we've uploaded another new A/W collection for your perusal - Vamp!

Sounds intriguing, non?  Vamp! is based on the darker side of your accessory box and features gorgeously edgy, ugly, gothic, in-your-face pieces.  We would go as far as to say that every outfit should be worn with at least one statement, tough-on-the-eyes, *disgusting* piece!  It's the perfect collection to complement your Halloween outfit!  The lady is most definitely a Vamp! 

Our favourite pieces include this Blood Spurt Necklace, £12 - if we haven't sold out of this by 31st October, we'll be VERY disappointed!  It's a dead cert for Halloween (get it, dead?)!

This Antique Armour Full-Finger Ring, £12, is totally demanding of attention.  Covering your full finger, you can notice it from miles away!  Shrinking violets need not apply!

These Cross Drop Earrings, £7, believe it or not, are actually one of our more reserved pieces.  Subtle, yet a great way to harden up your look!

We ADORE this Gold Crystal Pyramid Long Ring, £12, and although it's positively a statement ring, we think it's actually fairly sophisticated (an adjective we didn't think we'd be using for this collection!).  With its crystals and long length, it's stunning and a great piece for the upcoming party season! 

Chelsea Doll

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tibetan Charm - A/W 2011

Tibetan Charm, our new A/W 2011 collection, is now LIVE!  Featuring Tibetan silver and inspired pieces - beautiful ethnic jewellery is definitely our thing right now.  We particularly love this range because it provides the perfect trans-seasonal update for that awkward August/September time.  The bright turquoises and reds, along with the wooden bead, faux leather and hemp pieces are perfect for an Indian summer (optimistic, we know!), yet the heavier, Tibetan silver necklaces and decorative surround rings just scream Autumn!

Our favourite pieces from the collection include this Metal Hammered Disc Collar Necklace, £14, which is such a statement-maker.  It's an instant outfit updater!

These Antique Gold Hammered Disc & Green Stone Earrings, £9, are such a sophisticated pair.  We love the olive green enamel stone - so Autumnal.

We love rings with attitude, and this gorgeous Silver & Red Stone Full Finger Statement Ring, £12, couldn't be more intense! 

A quirky take on the collection now, with this Tibetan Treasure Chest Locket Necklace, £13.  An eye-catching piece and the perfect size to keep your real-life treasures in!

Chelsea Doll

Monday, 15 August 2011

Scarves - A/W 2011

We love it when a completely new product line arrives at CD HQ!  This time it's the turn of a dependable in fashion accessories - the scarf.  Scarves and their ability to dress up (or down) a look have passed the test of time, from their introduction to our wardrobes to their place on the fashion accessory staple list.  Our first drop of scarves (believe us, there will be more), are a mix of pretty and quirky - much like us really!

This Grey Begonia Print Scarf, £9, is a beautiful Autumn piece.  Dark, with its grey mix background colour, yet with flashes of bright colours, to work with Summer's key colours.  Also available in blue and yellow.


Words cannot express how in love we are with this Green Zebra Print Scarf, £12.  Another perfect antidote to the new season, the vibrant green colour is amazingly eye-catching.  The zebra print is quirky-gorgeous, and adds an aspect of fun to your wardrobe.

Another scarf from the same family, is this beautiful Beige Zebra Print Scarf, £12.  A lot more versatile in colour, this scarf can be worn with almost anything.  Also available in black and grey.  LOVE!

Chelsea Doll

Friday, 29 July 2011

Acrylic Art - A/W 2011

Hey there!  We hope that you're having a fantastico summer, wherever you are and whatever you might be doing.  We've been busy bees (as always), organising our new ranges for the new season, which has crept up on us!  It's mightily difficult to consider the winter months when you're feeling hard done by because the summer's been so useless, but hey ho off to work we go! 

Our first range for A/W 2011, is one you might recognise as we've brought it back out of the archives.  Yep, we're talking about Acrylic Art.  A zany, funky collection of laser-cut acrylic necklaces, GUARANTEED to let your neck do the talking! 

Our faves from the range include the Vintage Record Player Necklace, £12, so unusual, we can't stop looking at it. 

Or the Moustache Necklace, £11, which adds an androgynous (tipped to be a big look for A/W) touch to the most girly of outfits. 

Ultimately though, the absolute master of the collection is this uber-amazing, superbly quirky Retro Game Necklace, £10.  It comes in a choice of bright pink Space Invader or blue Pacman Ghost design.  *Some* people have been known to purchase both, refusing to choose between them! 

Chelsea Doll

Monday, 2 May 2011

NEW! Fashion Cards

We've just added something a little different to our website, in the shape of fashion greetings cards from The Fash Card Co.  These high gloss cards come in 12 different, fashion expression and quote designs.  They make fantastic cards for fashionista friends, a gift in their own right - they look awesome in a frame!  Our faves from the range include the wonderfully OTT "It's Vintaaage Dahling", "Passion for Fashion" and "Fashionista Sista".  All fashion cards are priced at £3, including delivery.

Chelsea Doll

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever!

We've been stupidly excited all week for the impending nuptials of Wills and Kate, and as the day draws closer we've found ourselves buying ridiculous amounts of bunting and royal wedding souvenirs (sad, us?), along with joining in the speculation on the finer details of the day.  It's safe to say we'll be glued to our screens on Friday, watching in anticipation of Kate's dress and waiting for the balcony kiss.  Bubbly in hand and nibbles on our laps, we'll be celebrating all day!

So, what better way to share the fun and excitement of the day than to offer our gorgeous customers a wonderful 20% discount on our website.  Simply enter in the code ROYALWEDDING at the checkout!

All that remains to be said is: good luck William and Kate, we hope you have a fantastic day!

Chelsea Doll

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Summer's Nearly Here!

Last week, we came across this gorgeous photo on WAH Zine - the blog that pays homage to women and what it feels like to be one.  We couldn't capture summer any better if we tried.  Sunnies, over-sized hoops, a retro tie bikini and bangle stacks!  THIS is what summer's all about!  

We hope that you're revelling in the sun today!

Chelsea Doll

Thursday, 31 March 2011

New S/S 2011 Collection - A Vintage Affair

Our newest S/S 2011 collection, A Vintage Affair, is now live. This collection is full to the brim of beautiful, one-off pieces of vintage jewellery from the 1930s through to the 1980s.  We've completely fallen for the gorgeous pieces of the past (just like we knew we would) and thought we'd put together a post showcasing our ultimate faves!    

We adore these 1950s Emerald Green Glass Earrings, £12.  So bright and elegant and simply perfect for cocktail hour.  You wouldn't need any other jewellery to accompany these beauties, they do all the talking!


This 1970s Goldtone Link Necklace, £15, is just screaming out to be teamed with a jumpsuit and a pair of wedges.  Perfect seventies attire!  Such a statement piece, it's like wearing a work of art!

This 1970s Goldtone Amber Stone Bracelet, £15, is extraordinarily pretty.  The amber stones are so striking and really catch the light.  We feel this bracelet should be kept for very special occasions, anything less just wouldn't do it justice.

A definite fave from this collection would have to be this 1970s Enamel Stork Brooch, £16.  As you know, we're head over heels in love with bird jewellery so this brooch is perfect in every way.  We're passionate about its quirkiness and LOVE that it originates from the seventies.  Beautiful!


Have a happy vintage Thursday!
Chelsea Doll

Monday, 21 March 2011

A Vintage Affair

The name of our new collection - A Vintage Affair, sums up perfectly our love of treats and trinkets from past decades.  We've trawled vintage stores and auctions and raided our Grannies' jewellery boxes to bring you the most beautiful, one-off pieces of vintage jewellery and accessories.  Our pieces range from the 1920s right up until, the new vintage, 1980s and they're perfect to add charm and interest to both modern-day and vintage-inspired outfits.  When sourcing the items for this collection we found ourselves wondering how to explain the attraction of vintage.  Why do we, and millions of fashion-followers, love it so dearly?

We think one of the reasons is that every vintage item tells some sort of story, it has a history, a past, which, more than likely, we know very little about.  You can conjure up a story within your imagination as to whom the item belonged and the places that it's visited.  Every piece is unique, so has a unique tale to tell.

Another plus for vintage clothing and accessories is that the quality always seems so much better.  Things seem more substantial from the past and not as flimsy as items we buy today.  You can almost feel the effort and work that has been put into a piece.

Vintage-inspired clothing is currently having a huge moment in fashion.  This season the seventies revival dominates most high-street and online stores but we think there's nothing more special than wearing an authentic, original piece from the decade, instead of buying a piece re-designed and made in the teenies.

We came to the conclusion, though, that perhaps the most likely reason for our passion for vintage is that whenever we look back on life in our earlier years and look at photographs of earlier decades, everything seems much happier.  Those days might be a heck of a less sophisticated but they always seem more content (whether this be the case or not).  It fills us with nostalgia, and makes us think that with our very small piece of the past we can re-create the happy times of yesterday.

So there you have it, A Vintage Affair.  The collection will be live on the website on Tuesday, 29 March.   

Chelsea Doll

PS. We'll try and get a few sneak peeks of the new collection within the next few days!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Oh, how we love St Paddy's Day, always such a fantastic atmosphere whether you're lucky enough to be in Ireland for the celebrations or in the UK.  The Irish definitely know how to throw a good party.  We're wearing our finest emerald green in honour of St Patrick and have put together a quick post with our favourite green jewellery!

Emerald Green Gothic Key Necklace

Antique Silver & Green Stone Rectangle Earrings

Antique Silver & Green Crystal Ring

Bottle Green & Gunmetal Oval Frame Earrings

Have a fantastic day, whatever you're doing!

Chelsea Doll

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Bird is the Word! - S/S 2011

The Bird is, indeed, the word here at Chelsea Doll!  We've loved bird jewellery forever and thought it was about time that we compiled a collection in devotion to our feathered friends.  The Bird is the Word is not only full of wonderfully kitsch new pieces, but also features a few old favourites.  So if you're a fan of bird jewellery, you'll absolutely adore this new funky collection!

When we saw these Little Owl Hair Slides, £6, we knew straight away that we would have to own a pair.  Such an unusual piece, you've heard of bird jewellery but now you can look uber-cool in an owl hair accessory.  Unbelievably cute, it'll be love at first sight with these little fellas!

This Gold & Brown Patchwork Owl Ring, £9, not only ticks our *obvious* bird-love box but also, with its brown, gold and mustard colours is pretty on-trend with its seventies credentials!  With gorgeous emerald green crystal eyes, this owl ring is super sweet!

Aww!  The Tweet Tweet Brooch, £12, is a definite fave of the collection.  A quirky, cute, antique silver and crystal brooch featuring two birds tweeting together on a branch.  A funky addition to any brooch collection!

Our personal favourite is the Princess Peacock Necklace, £14.  You can see from the vivid colours that this necklace was made to be in the limelight.  A beautiful peacock design in bright blue, red and green enamel, we can't stop looking at it.  If you're looking for a necklace to jazz up an otherwise boring outfit, then this is the one for you!

Chelsea Doll

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Bridal Collection - An Update

This time of year is always full of wedding inspiration and ideas, with summer weddings fast approaching (sorry if you're getting hitched and we've panicked you!).  Our Bridal Collection has been very popular since it went live at the beginning of January, and we've just added some more beautiful pieces.  We know how important it is to get an individual look and with this in mind we've compiled our favourite three pieces from the updated collection:

Our Jolie Peacock Feather Brooch, £14, adds a quirky touch, whether it's worn by the bride or bridesmaids.  We love feather jewellery and think it looks beautiful in a bridal context.  This brooch, in particular, provides a subtle look with gorgeous silver and shimmering crystal.

The Brigitte Crystal Bridal Necklace, £30, is an absolutely stunning, statement bridal piece.  This necklace is for starlets who want to stand out and have all eyes looking at them (no shrinking violets here!).  We love the unusual leaf design, the amount of crystals and jewels is insane!

The darling of our updated Bridal Collection is the Luxur 1920s Bridal Headpiece, £60.  We completely heart this close-fitting, crystal, side hairband.  Inspired by the Art Deco and Charleston age, the crystal ornament fits beautifully and makes a glamorous, vintage statement.

Chelsea Doll