Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Brooch the Subject!

We were complete brooch novices, here at Chelsea Doll, until the start of this season.  We've always admired from afar, the appealing nature of a brooch and it has the ability to 'make' an outfit.  So, after not much deliberation, we decided to offer brooches on our website.  People assume brooches should simply be worn with scarves, but after reading this 5 Ways to Wear Your Brooch blog post from Adorn London, we think you'll agree that the brooch is far more flexible than that!

Our collection of brooches is growing by the week, but currently our hot picks are these.  The beautiful and traditional, Pearl & Crystal Brooch.   So elegant and understated, it would sit perfectly on a pussy-bow blouse.

There's nothing pretty or dainty about this Gunmetal Skull & Crossbone Brooch.  But it would look gorgeous pinned to a scarf to liven up an outfit!  The choice for Halloween, perhaps?

An edgy alternative now.  This Bird of a Feather Brooch, with its gold sequins and black feathers, is absolutely stunning.  It makes a huge statement, and to release its full potential should be worn, pride of place, on a jumper.

Our favourite brooch, though, has to be the utterly flamboyant and eye-catching Spider & Web Brooch.  A new addition to our brooch range, the dazzling gold and diamante spider and web are beautiful.  Such an ostentatious choice, but one that's guaranteed to get you noticed!  They're proving ever-popular already!

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  1. I love brooches !! expecially that spider and web brooch !! its soo beautifull and its just soo easy to pop on a blazer or a bag !!

    have you seen my recent post on your jewelry ??