Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish our wonderful friends, followers and customers a happy and exciting new year!  We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you had wished for.  We have lots and lots planned for 2011 and will be expanding our ranges to include more gorgeous fashion accessories.  We'll keep you updated with newbie pieces as soon as they hit our website, but until then why not take a look at our sale?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Last Orders!

Just a quick note to say that our Christmas delivery dates are now available.  If you want to make a purchase in time for the big day, then you'll have to do so by Monday 20 December.  We might be able to get your order to you if you place it after that date, but unfortunately we can't guarantee it.  Better to be safe than sorry!

So, remember guys, place your orders no later than

Monday, 20 December!

Thank you

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Brooch the Subject!

We were complete brooch novices, here at Chelsea Doll, until the start of this season.  We've always admired from afar, the appealing nature of a brooch and it has the ability to 'make' an outfit.  So, after not much deliberation, we decided to offer brooches on our website.  People assume brooches should simply be worn with scarves, but after reading this 5 Ways to Wear Your Brooch blog post from Adorn London, we think you'll agree that the brooch is far more flexible than that!

Our collection of brooches is growing by the week, but currently our hot picks are these.  The beautiful and traditional, Pearl & Crystal Brooch.   So elegant and understated, it would sit perfectly on a pussy-bow blouse.

There's nothing pretty or dainty about this Gunmetal Skull & Crossbone Brooch.  But it would look gorgeous pinned to a scarf to liven up an outfit!  The choice for Halloween, perhaps?

An edgy alternative now.  This Bird of a Feather Brooch, with its gold sequins and black feathers, is absolutely stunning.  It makes a huge statement, and to release its full potential should be worn, pride of place, on a jumper.

Our favourite brooch, though, has to be the utterly flamboyant and eye-catching Spider & Web Brooch.  A new addition to our brooch range, the dazzling gold and diamante spider and web are beautiful.  Such an ostentatious choice, but one that's guaranteed to get you noticed!  They're proving ever-popular already!

Monday, 4 October 2010

A/W 2010 - Born to be Wild

THIS is our best collection yet. Inspired by the animal print trend, Born to be Wild assembles our new animal and bird jewellery together in an explosive collection. We like to think of it as a jewellery safari. Take a walk on the wild side with these totally gorge pieces.

The Silver Entwined Snake Ring makes a statement and is guaranteed to let your hand do the talking. Beautifully encrusted with red and clear crystals, it dramatically sparkles when the light catches. Not one of our cutesy pieces, he's a vicious looking thing, but priced at £10, it's not going to take a massive bite out of your budget!

The next piece is this wonderful Madame Peacock Necklace. Such an unusual design, the bronze peacock is gorgeous and the black feather and green jewel decoration play a massive part in the necklace's distinguishability. We are in LOVE. This necklace adds something a little different to your jewellery collection for only £13.

The Carmen Feather Hairband is a magnificent headpiece. Coloured with beautiful browns, oranges and greys, it adds a hint of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. We think it's best teamed with a simple shift dress and heels, for all eyes to be diverted to Carmen. This hairband is priced at £12.

Our absolute fave piece, though, has to be the delightful Tiger Brooch. It's metallic gold with black stripes (naturally!) and bright red eyes. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous! This feline is sure to be the highlight of any jewellery collection. The Tiger Brooch is priced at £8.

Well that's our summary of the Chelsea Doll Born to be Wild collection, but you really must take a look yourself. If you love refreshingly different jewellery as much as we do, then this is the collection for you. It's an accessory jungle out there!

Friday, 17 September 2010

A/W 2010 - Vintage Inspired

We've always been slightly obsessed with vintage jewellery and accessories but as this A/W season covets the ladylike, we've gone vintage crazy! Our Vintage Inspired collection consists of beautiful jewellery either originating or based-on designs from yesteryear.

It was love at first sight with this absolutely stunning Multi-Colour Enamel Butterfly Necklace. Its heavy antique gold setting adds to the vintage charm and the vibrancy of the colours really catches the eye. A resplendent statement piece. Priced at £12 it proves the perfect vintage pick-me-up!

These Vintage Spiral Earrings are loaded with 1950s/1960s appeal. A gorgeous addition to your earring collection, they're elegant yet scream out to be noticed. The coffee and cream colouring adds a rich vintage twist. These are priced at £6.

If love was in necklace-form, then this would be it. This wonderful Victoriana Necklace is the perfect accessory for ladylike days. With an antique gold setting decorated with pearls, bows, crystals, flowers and hearts, the detailing is wonderfully vintage! A vintage dream and priced at £10, it's also within budget!

The Antique Telephone Necklace is an all-time fave at Chelsea Doll, we just can't take our eyes off it! Screaming attention-seeker, its retro credentials are impeccable. The telephone itself is coloured bright purple, red and blue and the dial and handpiece are adorned with crystals. This necklace really takes the wearer back to the early 20th century. Priced at £18, it's the best way to make a statement!

Visit the Chelsea Doll Vintage Inspired collection to find your charming remake from bygone days and revive sought-after looks of previous decades. The only way to add a vintage twist to an otherwise modern-day look!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

It's All About the Chintz!

What does Chintz say to you? Wallpaper? China? Something that wouldn't look out of place in your Gran's house? Well now, for us, it screams uber cool jewellery! Just landed at Chelsea Doll, are these wonderful Chintz patterned bird necklaces.

Priced at £8, there's a choice of the Blue Chintz Bird Necklace or the Pink Chintz Bird Necklace. Both equally as pretty as the other, in fact we'd be tempted to buy the both! So pretty yet so unusual. We've actually had a bit of a Chintz floral-fest over the last couple of days and found this lovely Eden Print Maxi Dress from Topshop. You can never have too many Winter florals!
So that's our take on Chintz and if you want to co-ordinate your fabric, tea service and jewellery, then you know where to go! Wonder if our necklaces will be a collector's piece in years to come? Hmmm....

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A/W 2010 - The Roaring Twenties

This is the collection we've been eagerly anticipating at Chelsea Doll. A collection that pays homage to the decade of style, the 1920s. Yes, The Roaring Twenties is a celebration of flappers, jazz and feathers!

The 1920s symbolises the decade that fashion entered the modern era. Recognising this, the jewellery in our collection focuses on elegance and style, including feathers of all varieties, hair pieces, long layer chains and pearls. We adore this Multi-Chain & Stone Drop Necklace, a true 1920's statement piece. Teamed with a minimalist top and low-key earrings, this necklace will do all the talking! Priced at £12, it's the perfect way to update your wardrobe.

The Fifi Feather Hairband personifies the 1920s completely. A beautiful combination of purple and blue feathers, furs and beads, it adds a touch of flair and vibrancy to A/W styles. We've worn ours with a jumpsuit to jazz up the clean, asymmetric look. The amazing part is that it's priced at just £9, an absolute steal!

These Pearl Ball Earrings are gorgeous. Purely understated, small pearls with a gold stud; they're the perfect tonic to the fussier, eccentric 1920 pieces. Priced at £5, they're an affordable way to shop the trend!

Our favourite piece from The Roaring Twenties collection, though, is this stunning Antique Silver, Crystal & Pearl Bracelet. Such a striking and graceful piece, the silver setting and pearls add the coveted, glamorous 1920s feel. It's definitely an investment piece and one to be worn again and again and priced at only £10 it won't harm your budget!

The Roaring Twenties collection is the perfect way to embrace the most unique and elegant decade of the twentieth century. The decade fashion remembered. Re-live the 1920s in all its finery!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Exclusive 20% Blog Discount!

Hello! As a thank you for taking the time to read our blog we've set up a very special discount code to give you a fantastic 20% off your order with us! You can redeem the discount by using the code BLOG20. The code will be valid until midnight on Friday 27 August. Remember, we also include free delivery and gift wrapping with every order, no matter how large or small! So what are you waiting for? Visit Chelsea Doll and get shopping!

Chelsea Doll

A/W 2010 - The Skullery Collection

We've been championing skull jewellery for what feels like yonks and now they've got a seat in the key jewellery trends of A/W 2010, there's no stopping us. So, yeh, The Skullery pays homage to our trusted friend, the skull!

This range will channel your inner goth and add a macabre edge to your outfit (not all jewellery is pretty ya know!). This collection is where the most sparkly of skulls meets the downright ugly, producing the most amazing and enthralling of jewellery collections.

So, which pieces out of this ghoulish bazaar are we hopelessly head over heels with? Well to start is this Black Crystal Skull Ring, priced at £10 (we also have a pink and green version). Statement hand candy, only it's anything but sweet. This ring needs to be paired with a bright outfit and should never be seen with top-to-toe black!

These Gold & Skull Crossbone Earrings are so dainty they could almost be deemed cute. Being so small they add an edge to standard gold stud earrings but are not in-your-face skull. With them being priced at just £5, they're an ideal way to update to the latest trend without breaking the bank!
We adore this Black & Red Skull Locket, priced at £14. So unusual, mixing the delicate red rose with the grotesque skull and crossbone. Also, the locket hangs on an antique gold hook, adding yet more detail. We're particularly attracted to this necklace's quirkiness and its re-defining of the traditional locket. L-O-V-E!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

A/W 2010 - Acrylic Art Collection

We love this time of year, September issues of mags (have you SEEN Vogue?) and sensational new collections being launched everywhere you look. Exciting times for the discerning fashionista!

To join in with the August excitement, we've added another A/W 2010 collection, Acrylic Art, to our website. Acrylic Art is one of the more zany Chelsea Doll collections, but we love it! Wearing one of these creations will certainly give your neck some time in the limelight.

The pieces are all made from acrylic (if you hadn't already guessed from the title) and each is fantastic in its own right, buuuuut we had to select a few to show you. The first one is this Bleeding Love Necklace, priced at £10. We've had a few cutesie love necklaces in over time but this one is probably (secretly) our favourite! Sooo much 'arder than the pretty silver or gold versions.

Moving onto a more elegant number, the Ink Effect Butterfly Necklace is beautifully artistic and makes a statement in a completely different way to Bleeding Love. A unique piece of jewellery and priced at only £10 - STEAL!
Lastly, we had to add an element of fun and we think nothing brightens the mood like this LOLZ Necklace. In the brightest of yellows, well that and the fact that there's a giant LOLZ staring you in the face, it screams with glee! Set the scene with this necklace, at a bargainous £10!
If none of the above have taken your fancy, then take a look at other pieces in the Acrylic Art collection. There's a Mixtape Necklace, Vintage Detective Comic Necklace and Pin-Up Girl Necklace, to name just a few. It takes all sorts!

Monday, 16 August 2010

We Love SALE - More Items Added!

Do you love a bargain? Well, do you? Of course you do, so hop over to the Chelsea Doll Sale right away!

To make room for all our new A/W 2010 ranges, we've added lots more items to the sale and are desperate for a clear-out, so you can snap up some well gorge fashion jewellery for a well, well gorge price! Prices start from just £3 and most items are around half their original price. Remember all our items come with free delivery and are all gift-wrapped. Why not shop the sale for a gift for a friend?

Your wardrobe NEEDS some amazingly quirky, kitsch, on-trend, funky jewellery! Oh we do love SALE!

See you there!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A/W 2010 - Leather & Lace Collection

Ladies & gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to our first A/W 2010 collection - Leather & Lace...

The ethos with this, our first A/W, collection is that opposites attract and often complement each other. So, instead of shying away from mixing concepts, they should be embraced and worn with confidence. Leather and lace are two of the key trends for the upcoming season and we love the look of the goth-glam leather pieces mixed with the delicate, ladylike lace pieces.

Our fave (ssshh! don't tell anyone!) in the Leather & Lace collection is this beautiful Beige Lace & Jewel Cuff, priced at £8. Adding a hint of pretty and girly to an edgy outfit, this piece is particularly eye-catching because of its opulent jewels and bows. We are in love!

Next up, is this super-gorge Black & Gold Lace Stone Alice Band, priced at £8. The perfect accessory to rock and vamp-up a look. With its lace panelling, which is decorated with gold netting and black stones, it adds another dimension to the most basic of outfits.

These Red Faux Leather Flower Earrings are amazing and are priced at an even more amazing £5. Bright and beautiful, they add much-needed colour to dull Autumn days and nights - a true statement piece! Just make sure they're worn with tied-back hair to get the full effect of their beauty and to stand out from the crowd.

Go check out the other pieces in our A/W 2010 Leather & Lace collection. As a reader of our blog you can get an exclusive 10% discount off your order with the code BLOG10.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New Season Hair Accessories

We're a little bit in love with hair accessories at the moment. It's been hair-accessory-a-go-go at Chelsea Doll, we have MASSES of them arriving on a weekly basis ready for the A/W season and we just can't help trying them on and creating new looks. Oh we do love a headpiece!

Hair accessories can achieve so many different looks, from the classic and elegant (think wedding hair) to the completely insane (think Lady Gaga). There's a look for everyone and a hair accessory for every mood.

Feathers are massively on Autumn's style agenda and we couldn't be happier! They look exceptionally graceful, adding a hint of the 1920s but also a not-to-be-understated vibrancy. Our A/W collections are set to be awash with feathers, think peacock and LOUD! The Black Roxette Feather Hairband is £12 and is the first to be launched in its range. We just can't get enough!

Ladylike elegance and glamour is a top tip for the new season. Looks are set to be polished with a 1950's edge. The jewelled hair clip is an absolute must to accessorise this style. We adore this Silver & Diamante Bead Clip and the 1950's filmstar razzle-dazzle it exudes. Priced at £8 it's a perfect party accessory!

The next hair accessory trend is a firm favourite here at Chelsea Doll HQ. Personally, we've coveted hair bows for soooo long and now get the opportunity to feature them in our A/W collections, yay! Hair Bows are going to be huuuuge! Big or small, 80's or 90's, you've gotta be seen in one! Throughout August we'll be adding lots of hair bows to our collections. The two we're most lusting after at the moment is the Green Bow Alice Band, priced at £6 and the Floral Bow Hair Clip, a snip at only £4.

So we've shared our love for the hair accessory and given you an insight into what heady delights you can expect from Chelsea Doll during the new season. Hair accessories are BACK and long may they reign!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Introducing...The Scrabble Tile Collection

They're the new kids on the block, they ooze retro and are sooo geek chic it hurts! Yes, we're talking about the wonderful Scrabble Tile jewellery launched on Chelsea Doll this month. We love the board game and couldn't think of a better way to pay homage to it than designing jewellery with its famous beige tiles. The choice is the quirky Scrabble Tile Necklace, a steal at just £8 and the statement Scrabble Tile Ring, at a bargainous £7. Now you can own a piece of everyone's favourite word game!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A/W 2010 - Sneak Peek!

What a treat we have in-store for you! Although, we're in the middle of Summer (which will hopefully last a lot longer yet!), we've started thinking about our Autumn/Winter ranges. And instead of keeping these absolute beauts to ourselves, we've dedided to give you a little looksy (only a preview, mind!), as and when we come up with them. So, drumroll please... we have a two new additions to the Chelsea Doll family in the form of Brooches and Hair Accessories, yay!!

Brooches are so on-trend right now and we love how elegant they can make an outfit, adding a hint of glamour to even the rockiest of looks. Currently, there are three brooches in the range but we'll be adding more when the A/W 2010 season kicks off. Take a look here.

Hair Accessories are probably the most daring step we've taken since launching the site, but we couldn't resist. We're completely and utterly in love with them, whether it be Hair Clips, Headbands or Alice Bands, they're fantastic! As with brooches, we have three in the range at the moment, but will be adding more on later, we promise. To view our Hair Accessories, click here.

So that's it folks, but expect more from us over the next couple of months when our A/W ranges come in thick and fast.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Cool Britannia!

We've just received the most wonderful drop from new designer, Mary Mia. We always get excited in anticipation of new designs and the prospect of creating new trends but this latest range has got us going wild!

The Cool Britannia collection includes deliciously kitsch pieces in the form of British icons. Tokens of British culture are celebrated and made into necklaces. Think retro red Telephone Box Necklaces, big red London Bus Necklaces and Black Cab Necklaces. Each piece in the range is guaranteed to get you noticed and, in true Chelsea Doll style, takes fashion jewellery onto a much quirkier path. Release your nostalgic side and be envied!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ji Ji Kiki Spring 2010 Collection

February doesn't have to be dull. In fact, this February has been rather exciting at Chelsea Doll, not only have we jazzed up our website and set up various giveaways, we've also just received some rather fabulous jewellery pieces from Ji Ji Kiki, the vintage, retro and kitsch jewellery designer.

The collection is perfect for S/S10 and every piece within it is a talking point, a real treat to wear! Our faves are the Bambi Woodland Necklace a beautiful pendant featuring Bambi in a woodland scene decorated with a lilac faux pearl and black satin ribbon bow;

The Black Polka Dot Bow Ring featuring a cute, kitsch black polka dot bow;

My Fair Lady Masquerade Necklace an unusual pendant of a masquerade mask decorated with two tiny pearls; And Cupcake Stud Earrings sweet plastic cupcakes with a velvet finish and red glitter cherries. Ji Ji Kiki is always a firm favourite with you Chelsea Doll luvvies and this collection is the best yet!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chelsea Doll Gets a Makeover!

We've got a brand, spanking new website to delight you with. Yes, Chelsea Doll has been revamped and improved and it's looking sensational (even if we do say so ourselves!). Our homepage showcases more of our delicious pieces and gets you where you want to go much quicker. We've added info links to the bottom of the page as well as along the top and the Shopping Bag is more prominent so you know exactly how much you're spending! We can't stop looking at the visual feast that is the new Chelsea Doll, but we may be (slightly) biased, so we'd love to know what you guys think of it. Email us at and give us some constructive criticism (not too harsh) and tell us what bits you like or loathe. Oh and if you're wondering who's behind this piece of genius, then look no further than Genie Computing, the web designers based just outside of Cardiff!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Chelsea Doll Does Valentine's Day

There's only one way to celebrate Valentine's Day and that's to do it with Chelsea Doll and a mega giveaway competition. Yep we treated our lovely fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter to a Valentine's surprise, to win some fabulous Chelsea Doll pieces. Our Twitter winner @kijolo won a £30 goodie bag, after a massive retweet to get us to 1000 followers, go us! Facebook had 10 winners, each winning a gorgeous necklace when we reached 1000 fans (which we did spectacularly, thanks to our wonderful fans!). We adore our fans and followers and had soooo much fun watching everyone join in and share the Chelsea Doll love. Join our social networking circle on Facebook and Twitter to get your piece of the action. Who needs red roses and chocolates when you've got amazing jewellery!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wonderful New Spring Ranges

So it's SS10 and we all want to be on-trend, right? Well look no further than Chelsea Doll's fantastic new ranges, Tribal Time and Metallic Dream. Bursting with inspirational fashion jewellery including kitsch jewellery, cute jewellery, unusual jewellery and of course a fair share of quirkiness, the ranges have been put together to ensure our gorgeous customers are up to date in the fashion stakes!

The Tribal Time range is home to bright colours, ethnic patterns and all-round funkiness, perfect for Summer nights, they were born to be teamed with maxi dresses.

The Metallic Dream range is a dream in itself, full of cool metal pieces ready for edgy days or hot nights out.
We reckon, though, that the best effect for both the ranges is to combine them together and mix and match pieces, for that original look! Tribal and metallic themes are going to be huge for SS10, so get your fix!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Purple Rain - New Range!

We're just a little bit in love with purple at the moment. Actually, words cannot describe how much we adore the colour, we're totally smitten!! So, due to our over-excitement at having lots of purple in our jewellery, we've put together a new range called Purple Rain (great name, eh?). This will make getting that hint of purple in your lives soooo much easier! Our fave from Purple Rain, hmmm that's a toughie, it's got to be the Purple Tortoise Shell Ring, a-mazing!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Quirky & Wonderful

Here at Chelsea Doll, we have just a slight penchant for all things quirky with most of the collections housing some wackiness that's screaming to get out! Because of this, we've put together a range of the unusual and eccentric in all its glory. The Quirky & Wonderful collection displays designs by Love Hearts & Crosses, Ji Ji Kiki and This Charming Girl including Crystal Ladybird Earrings, Snip Snip Necklace, 1950s Telephone Ring and of course the best-selling Paparazzi Necklace.

Stand out from the crowd and wear one of these attention seeking pieces. Fashion jewellery will never be the same again!

Chelsea Doll xx